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how to smuggle items on his return. The nag wins the race, but Lily loses the betting slip in one of the new dresses, which leads to them all being ripped apart right in front of the boss, but such, er, conscientiousness, appears to impress the buyer! "Shall I call a policeman?" Predictable outcome, responsive husband seeks freedom, gets arrested. Backers ask the manager what. Tony watches the comedy on tv, introduced by Pete Murray. 3.12 The Yo-Yo Again (July 26th 1965) Director: Richard Doubleday John Scott Martin. AM tap dances To Be Or Not To Be, then there's a long sketch in the audience at Covent Garden, with three aggressive Scots arguing with Sassenachs, who include Barry Cryer, a lot of noise but. sex grand mere vip escorts paris After a long wait, this Peter introduces himself, his style is "I believe in showing life as." He sees Hancock as ideal for his latest production, "a complete waster. Dickie imagines that noone is indispensable, but when Jack complains he is being treated as a dogsbody and decides to leave, Dickie finds he cannot do without him.8 (The Dentist) September 27th 1965 Script: Jimmy Grafton and Jeremy Lloyd. the door is open to East Cheam and Julius Caesar a la Newton, not to mention Richard III and even Romeo and Juliet, yes a la Newton. Who is the more inferior?: "you're the one that's potty!" Then DK is in a nightdress starting "rumours his and AH's bedroom has lots of visitors, including a lady taking a bath, and Dr.18. How does it end up? The only clip is of a mock up of the opening night on the BBC with singer Adele Dixon, who is in the audience. Steve is painting upstairs, when through his window appears Simon's cousin Wally, a toff from the Far East. He decides to jump.

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The plot doesn't develop however, and turns to kitchen slapstck and Old Johnson getting tiddly 32 How to Win Friends Snudge is sulking as he has not received one birthday card. Dickie starts a drive for household economy, but when he insists on doing the shopping himself, June decides to teach him a lesson 6:7 October 31st 1963 Script: Jimmy Grafton and Jeremy Lloyd. The audience disperse not upon the order of their going. Anniversary Call: in between personal wedding anniversary greetings we have A Happy Anniversary (Jerry Allen Anniversary Waltz (David Galbraith and A Million Stars Above (Eula Parker). She asks Hugh about where they are to shoot: "you do realise you can't shoot ad lib?" "No grouse corrects Hugh, "grice." Popham invites them to his place. There's a bit of satire on women MPs but nothing that could lift this out of being the poor woman's Rag Trade. The series again starred Dickie Henderson and June Laverick but this series with Danny Grover and Lionel Murton 6:1 (Parking Meter) September 19th 1963 Script: Jimmy Grafton with Jeremy Lloyd, Stanley Myers, Alan Fell. Glencannon has paid 10 import duty on the beast, and when it is cut open by officials and no dope discovered, he is able to claim the value of his loss, 100.

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You gave him back his self respect".6 Know of Any Reason VTR made 14th October, scheduled for transmission 30th October 1963, but postponed due to a party political. The pair have a better topical song, O Mr Tarbuck, then dance, proving that Sid was never one dimensional. Script by Brad Ashton. The Bishop Loves His Neighbour It's Good Neighbour Week, isn't it time for The Bishop to cut back the creeper that he has grown to block the door in the garden wall, thus neatly preventing the Dean from popping over? "I defy you to find anything shoddy he challenges us, fatal, as he admires a decanter of Scotch whiskey, "looks pretty dashed tempting." Of course he can't open. With Edwin Apps, Julian Sherrier, Alison Bayley, and Jill Huskisson. To finish there's a medley of Cliff's four golden discs To Palladium. After a long silent scene at breakfast, Snudge's alter ego remnds him that he had cheated at chess against Bisley. After Liza has sung again, they duet Get Happy, after which there's He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, perhaps the most together of their numbers. Ken Dodd Show (1966)- From Blackpool, where Ken is on his vacation, "a beautiful day for bouncing in a blancmange." He phones The Gaffer at Number 10 before introducing The Bluebell Girls. Griffith gives the part his best, but it is at best an aside to Hancock, his rant far too protracted, and his punch line is expectedly weak. It certainly ain't Women's Lib. LD concludes with Tom Dooley July 24th 1959 Lonnie starts on the banjo. Next day the magistrate fines each. This was his high peak, from which he sadly and so quickly fell Hancock Page. After The Biasinis, a couple of trick cyclists, JT talks dully about his golf and then introduces Julie Rogers who sings two numbers, including My Room. I felt there were a couple of missed opportunites here. A new feature on Fridays was Open House- a singsong. Our House is not enlivened by the arrival of Simon's brother Willy, a jockey. She admires Harry's great bravery, but it's The Count she must marry. He starts enthusiastically dealing with Harry's problem. Trial and Error (Saturday February 29th 1964,.10pm). Lunch Box This popular Midlands series started in 1956. The lovely fantasy develops further with his encoutner with the man who owns the other half of the world, Anatole. He slips in a passing non topical reference to the World Cup Final, then gives a long reprise of his own version of Goldfinger. sex grand mere vip escorts paris

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